Bitcoin a Popular Deposit Option

One thing that you do have to keep a close eye on if you are a poker player based in the US is deposit and withdrawal fees, for if you do not carefully pick the poker sites at which to play at that offer you a range of cost effective banking options you will see the value of your bankroll and poker winnings being dramatically eaten away by fees and charges!

Therefore if you do fancy playing poker in a real money playing environment at Americas Cardroom there will always be plenty of US poker player friendly banking options. One that is proving to be very popular with players is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is now a deposit and withdrawal option at Americas Cardroom and as such you are going to be able to make rapid deposits and will also be able to make speedy withdrawals from your account without having to pay any additional fee or charges!

Bitcoin Web Wallet – You will need to first get yourself a Bitcoin web wallet, and as there are now lots of different companies offering you such a web wallet and as you can sign up for one in a matter of minutes it will not take you very long to open up and start using such an account online!

Instant Deposits – As soon as your Bitcoin deposits have been verified at Americas Cardroom when using Bitcoin your funds will instantly become available in your account, and as such you are never going to be left waiting or those deposits to appear in your account.

Fast Withdrawals – One of the main attractions for US based poker players of using Bitcoin is that when withdrawing your winnings to your Bitcoin wallet they are going to be processed and sent out to you rapidly! Unlike when you withdraw by check you will not have to wait for those winnings to arrive as they will be instantly available in your Bitcoin wallet once they have been sent out to it.

100% US Player Friendly – Bitcoin is completely US player friendly and as such you are never going to find any restrictions Imposed on you when you are making a deposit into Americas Cardroom or when you have requested a withdrawal either!

Safe and Secure – The final thing that you do need to be aware of is that Bitcoin is completely safe and secure. Due to the unique way that Bitcoins are mined and the transfer protocol used you are always going to be able to access your Bitcoins via your Bitcoin Wallet and will also always be able to turn your Bitcoins into cold hard cash at a time of your own choosing too.

So do consider using Bitcoin if you have ever experienced any problems using any other poker site banking and payment methods!