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    it was mentioned here before:
    1. when clicking on a cash game table the selected table will change on its own before you get the chance to click “join waiting list”, which causes you to join the waiting list for the wrong table.

    2. color coding doesn’t work well – always disappears


    after last update sometimes bet/call/fold buttons disappear before timebank start


    There are two bugs that are annoying.

    1. The bug where you’re selecting tables in the cash game lobby. You click on a table. And a second or two later the selection will jump down the page selecting a different table then what you selected. This makes it difficult to add your self to the waiting list of tables because it adds you to the wrong table. It also makes it hard to know which table you have selected to view the players on the table and their stacks.
    -Selecting tables in cash game lobby and selection jumps down the page without clicking.

    2. Some hands aren’t being recorded. They aren’t showing up on the clients text replayer and also not writing to PT4.


    Was playing a few tables and a few times i couldn’t click buttons and noticed it’s happening right before the dumb tourney announcement pops up in the middle of the tables. Once it pops up i can bet again.


    A couple bugs that haven’t been listed or addressed:
    1. When you join a waiting list for a cash game, there seems to be a time limit for how long you can be on the waiting list (10 minutes? maybe less) then you are removed from the waiting list. At first I thought it was just players not leaving but, then I noticed after several minutes I was removed from waiting lists for cash games.
    2. If someone is disconnected or is sitting out – it would be helpful to see that status as “Sitting Out” or “Disconnected” over their player avatar or name plate.
    3. I agree with the previous post about heavy resource utilization. I’m not sure why the client has to use so many memory resources to run multiple tables.
    4. Private Tournaments should also show up in the Main poker lobby and they currently do not. Private tournaments are stuck in their own category in Tourneys -> Private -> All and do not show up in the Tourney -> All -> All
    5. Currently a Private tournament from Thursday “ACR Stormers – jjcorrado87 Homegame” is still showing “Running” instead of Finished.
    6. Cash Game Filters: Missing table type: No Limit, Limit, Pot Limit
    6a. Cash came filter missing stake: $0.10/$0.25
    7. Clicking the bet slider ALWAYS increases the bet even if you click to the left of the slider where it should decrease the bet by 1BB.

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    1. when hiding the “sit out box” (on the left side of the table) it will mark the sit out box by it self which causes you to site out the next hand

    2. when table breaks down to heads up , big blind is first to act preflop but last to act postflop (?!)


    Tournament announcements that block part of the screen so that you can’t see how much an opponent reraised because the damn message block his chip stack and the number. That must be a bug. just disable them please. Or let us choose. I’m basically done playing on this shitty site due to this. I might come back if it’s ever fixed.


    “1. when clicking on a cash game table the selected table will change on its own before you get the chance to click “join waiting list”, which causes you to join the waiting list for the wrong table.”

    This should be fixed now.


    Do cash players not matter at all to bcp? Why do you keep spamming us with tourney stuff when you know it’s freezes the table.


    View post on imgur.com

    Please just cut your losses and hire some competent programmers.


    If you’re talking about the background of the bet and pot amounts, that was intentional. We broke every commercial bot with that update. Every other site is on the supported list for these bots. ACR is not. That’s what our competent programmers did.

    It’s a bit harder to read, we know. But that’s a small price to pay at this point.


    a bit hard to read? it’s impossible to see how much my opponent bet or how much is in the pot.
    please fix this thing!

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    Are you retarded or something? Villian 1 opens fro 70 cents Button flat calls for 70 cents. That’s $1.40 cents. The small blind is 10 cents BB is 25 cents. for 35 cents. $1.40 + $0.35 for a total of $1.75 cents. Wich is listed as the pot size. HOLY SHIT is this a New Math Failing. Hey, Victor123 stop being a weirdo.

    AvatarRobert Dobalina

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but since the most recent update, my Player Points count no longer updates in the “Rewards” section. Not sure if I am actually receiving them or not, but I hope if I am not, then they can be accurately calculated and returned. BTW, you guys are doing a great job and I appreciate the effort to eradicate the bots from the site and understand that there may be some setbacks before real progress can be made. Keep up the good work!


    This is a weird one: You can’t min raise heads up (2 players left in the tourney); the mininum raise allowed is 2.5x…

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